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Monday, November 21, 2011

Google Chrome Gun Comparison Funny Picture

'Eres a joke fer ya's...

What is Internet Explorer?
  1. One of the most amazing tools for downloading Google Chrome.
  2. Microsoft’s pre-installed, default internet browser for Windows. Has to be the worst browser on earth, because its only features are free viruses, automatic spyware downloads, and awesome security holes.The best part about Internet Explorer is that it forced companies, such as Mozilla and Opera, to make their own browsers, which completely and utterly blow Internet Explorer out of the water.
  3. A great program that lets you download viruses.

    Bob: w00t, I’m downloading 500+ viruses a minute on internet explorer!

    Jeff: Lololllolololllololollolz0rz! Inronetz explo0dr is liek fu*kin’, sh!t. lolololollolololo!!!!!!1!!1!11111!!11! XD

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Google Chrome GUNS compared with other browsers,
Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox
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