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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Few Funny Newfie (Newfoundland) Sayings

Eyes like a caplin goin' offshore - (His eyes were bloodshot!)

'ere - (Here...note that some Newfies drop their h's and pick them up in front of vowels!)

Turn round, she's bind ya - (Turn around, she's behind you.)

Shockin' that is, shockin - (This should not need too much's shocking!)

Mind your mouth now - (Be careful what you are saying, usually used to tell someone their language is a little off colour.)

Giv us a bitta dat luh - (Give us some of that.)

Any mummers loud in? - (Mummers are people dressed up who visit around Christmas...this is the question they usually ask after someone answers the door.)

Ya gat da face only a mutter could luv - (You got the face only a mother could love, in other words, ugly!)

Idn't dat fulish bye - (Isn't that foolish...and of course we Newfies say bye at the end of many phrases, instead of the eh associated with Canadians!)

Owshegettinonb'ys - (How is she getting on...or how is she doing?

I'll be dere da rackley - (I'll be there in a few minutes.)

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