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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Newfie Fisherman's Rental - Newfie Joke

Two Newfie brothers rented a boat to go fishing. They kept going further and further out, but with no luck at all. They were so far out now they couldn't even see land. Finally, the fish started biting like mad, and soon they had a full catch to take home.

Before they headed back, though, the first brother said to the second,"Wait a minute! How will we find this great fishing spot again?"

The second brother said to the first, " Oh, I know! Let's just write a great big "X" here on the floor of the boat, cuz that's where all the fish are underneath us!"

The first brother replied with a sneer to the second, "Don't be stupid! This is a rental -- we might not get the same boat next time..."

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