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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Airport Ride - George & Aggie - Funny Newfie Joke

George & Aggie were in Boston for the first time to visit their son and family. As they reached the front door of the terminal they hail a taxi , and got in. As they headed for the city the driver, making some small talk, asks them where they are from? Aggie asks George "WHAT'D HE SAY GEORGE?". The old skipper leans over and yells in her ear,"HE ASKED WHERE WE'RE FROM!". Then the old skipper says to the driver "We're from Stephenville"."Oh" says the driver,"I was stationed there when I was in the airforce". Again Aggie pipes up "WHATS THE FELLA SAYING NOW GEORGE..WHAT'D HE SAY"."HE SAYS HE'S BEEN THERE". "I see" says Aggie. They drive along in silence for a while when the driver
says,"You know I went with a girl when I was there, and she was the meanest most disagreeable hag I ever hooked up with"."WHATS HE SAYING NOW GEORGE ..I CAN'T HEAR HIM'.

The old skipper yells back,"HE THINKS HE KNOWS YA".

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