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Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Funny NEWFIE Phrases!

Long may your Jib draw - A good wish for the future.

Tom Long's account - To pay what you owe and have nothing left.

Mucked her off to the hospital - Took her to the hospital.

You are taking a rise out of me - Your flattery is only for the purpose of making others laugh at me.

You are as deep as the grave - Your real feelings are not easily judged from your appearance.

Tis not every day that Morris kills a cow - Favorable opportunity comes but seldom.

The old dog for a hard road - Experience easily overcomes difficulty.

You can't tell the mind of a squid - This refers to an unreliable person, a squid can move backwards or forward.

The older the crab, the tougher his claws - It is not easy to fool a sophisticated person.

Wait a fair wind, and you'll get one - Await and opportunity.

May snow is good for sore eyes - An old legend, many say it's true.

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