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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hitched Newfie Sailor - Funny Newfie Joke

Funny Joke - Newfie Hitched 

Newfie girls should like this funny joke!

A brand new hitched Newfie sailor is told by the Canadian Armed Forces that they wants him to go fight the war in Iraq for 2 full years. A long time after he gets there he gets to a missin' his new wifey, so he writes her a love letter.

"My sweet newfie bride," he writes, "we been apart for sooo long. I misses you so bad and our troop  by good lookin', native gals. The temptation’s real bad. I needs someting else to do, to keep me brain off of dem'."

His wife mails him a fiddle with a letter reading, "You gots to get to learning dis'"

When the Newfie finally gets home, he scurries into his wife's arms. "Me doll" he says, "I can’t wait to get you into bed to do wat' i've been missing!"

But his wife suddenly stops him. "First, you gotta play me a tune wit' dat' fiddle."

HaHaHa! Dat' wuz a funny joke!

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