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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Test for Fortune - Funny Newfie Joke

A Newfie saw an ad in the newspaper that said; "Pass test and inherit my fortune."

He went to the address the paper gave.
And when he got there, he was greeted, and the test was explained.
The old man, who was giving his fortune away, said; "So you want my fortune.
Well all you have to do is preform three tasks.

First. Go into room #1, drink the keg of rum that is inside, then go into the second room and rustle the bear inside to the ground. After that, go into the third room and take the fur coat off the old lady inside it."

The Newfie said; "Ok, sounds easy."

So the Newfie went in the first room and drank the rum, no problem.

Then he entered the second room, but an hour later, still didn't come out.

The old man started to worry, so he was just about to open the door, when the Newfie opened it, and walked out with fur in both of his hands.

Breathing hard, he said; "I had a hard time finding the zipper."

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