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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny Newfoundland Joke - Fascinate or Fasten Eight?

There were three newfies interviewing for the same job.

They had scheduled appointments one after the other.

The first Newfie was called into the office, and was told that all he had to do was answer a skill testing question.

So he said; "ok, what is it?"

The interviewer said; "I would like you to make a question using the word 'sweater'."

The Newfie said "ok, my mother........knitted me...... a nice sweater."

The interviewer said "Very good. I will get back to you."

As the Newfie was leaving he was told to send the next Newfie in.

So, when they met, the second Newfie asked the first one what he had to do.

So the first one said that he had to make a sentence using the word "sweater" in it.

So, the second the Newfie walked into the interviewing room, he said; "My mother knitted me a nice sweater!"

The interviewer was suspicious, so when the third Newfie came in he said; "I would like you to make a sentence using the word 'fascinate'."

He said; "My mother.....knitted me a nice sweater........ with ten buttons.....but I can only fasten eight.

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