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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Newfie BRAIN -- LOL!!!

An Albertan decided he wanted to be a Newfie. So he went to a neurosurgeon and asked, “Is there anything you can do to me that would make me into a Newfie?”

“Sure, its' easy,” replied the neurosurgeon. “All I have to do is cut out one-third of your brain. Then you'll be a Newfie.”

The Albertan was very pleased and immediately underwent the operation. However, the surgeon's knife slipped, and instead of cutting out one-third of the patient's brain, the surgeon accidentally cut out two-thirds of the patient's brain.

The neurosurgeon was terribly remorseful. He waited impatiently at the patient's bedside as the patient recovered from the anaesthetic. As soon as the patient was conscious, the neurosurgeon said to him, “I'm terribly sorry, but there was a ghastly accident. Instead of cutting out one-third of your brain, I accidentally cut out two-thirds of your brain.”

The patient replied, “Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit, monsieur?”

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